Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wolfie asleep

Wolfie asleep
A quick drawing with hard and soft pencils. I made this less than a year ago. It is a mixture of natural and manga style.


Linnie said...

that one is cool! I really love the perspective (is that a right word?) you used at the paws. I want to see more :D I love drawings, but hey, therefore I'm an artstudent (who studies Graphic Design :P)

Chris said...

Cute lil' pup :) Glad to see you posting your art, looking forward to more:)

Anonymous said...

I will join Chris and say how glad I am you are going to post your art, for it is good. I like this one because it is a blend of styles and for the different perspective. Look forward to seeing more soon. :)


somebody said...