Sunday, March 28, 2010

Piglet usb Stick cozy tutorial ^_^

A tutorial to making a piglet usb Stick Cozy

Wool of choice
crochet hook of choice
Wool needle
Googly eyes
and a usb stick of course

Start with a chain (something like 12 or so), make sure it fits exactly round the usb stick. Connect the chain with a slip stitch to make a circle.

Continue crocheting in a circle making sure you do not decrease or increase. Also fit your usb stick in it often to make sure it fits tightly. As you reach the end of the usb stick decrease to make the tail. Leave a small hole to fit the end of the tail through.

The end of the tail is just a simple chain of 13 or so, with another row of 12 to return to the start.

Feed this bit through the whole and sew it securely.
The legs are made the same way as the tip of the tail, but you go up another time (thus making 3 rows of about 8 stitches). The string of wool needs to be woven through the crochet so that both strings are always on one end, for easy sewing and so your work does not unravel. Slip the body over the usb stick, and make sure the right side is up. If necessary glue the body to the usb stick.
Now for the head, start a round again with the same amount of stitches as the body and increase a few times. Continue for a few rounds and then start decreasing to make the nose. Just decrease a few times if else the nose will become too small. Leave the hole as it is, and glue the head to the usb stick cap. Stuff the head with some left over thread through the nose hole.

For the nose start to make an actual circle by making a chain of 4 and connecting them like before. Increase in every stitch for the first round, and increase in every other stitch for the second round. Continue till this circle fits nicely on the end of the nose and sew it on.

For the ears make a chain of 4, put 2 rows of 3 on that, than a row of two, and than one. Glue on some googly eyes and embroider the nose holes.
With a tapestry loop some hairs can be added, and perhaps a ribbon round his neck ^_^

This piglet could be transformed into pretty much any animal with 4 legs, or maybe even sea creatures.
• Use a tapestry knot and attach some hair on the back to make a wild boar.
• Don’t make a flat nose, instead just keep on decreasing at the end of the head/nose, and change the tail into a small tassel or something, you could make a horse, deer or anything else.
• Wow, you could even make a dragon, if you attach some wings. Seriously anything is possible.

If you have any questions, please do let me know, and if you’ve made one I would love to see the result ^_^



Friday, March 19, 2010

8GB spice weasel

Hi everyone,

As of late I'm not able to do much crochet, but the occasional small project is doable.
Last night I made a Spice Weasel usb stick holder. The original usb stick needed some serious spicing up.
I actually realised afterwords it looks a lot like the spice weasel lipbalm cosy someone else on the internet made. Anyway he costed me a few hours and a few scraps of wool.