Thursday, October 25, 2007

In Loving Memory of Leica

At the good age of exactly 33 years and 6 months, my horse and above all best friend for 10 years, was laid to rest.

The daughter of Amanlia and Nartan, can now finally join her foal Cartouche.

Can I say goodbye?
Well than it is with a heavy sigh

I will let you flow
And with the wind you may go

While leaves are falling
And winter is calling

Forever the memories will stay
And than there will come a day..

That we will gladly meet again

April 24 1974- October 24 2007

I will miss you dearly, my friend

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Abunai 2007

Hi Hi everyone,
Last weekend I went to the second japanese culture convention this year which was Abunai in Enschede. It was simply great, we had a lot of fun so yeah what more do you want. And of course my friend (Mathilda) and I cosplayed as well. If you are wondering what cosplaying is, well it is dressing up like one of your favorite anime or manga character :) this also includes lolitas and maids.
Mathilda as a classic lolita on Saturday, Kawaii!!!!
An even cuter picture :)
Me as Kureha Suzuka from Tokko*G*

Me as Shouryuujo from the anime Legend of the Condor Hero on Sunday

And Mathilda as a Gothic Lolita

I definitely love this picture
And a silly one of a huge Sardine Can, which people call art for some reason :/