Friday, June 22, 2007


Hi everyone,

Just a quick one, I'll be on holiday in Spain, Alicante, for the upcoming week.
So I wish everyone who is still working and won't have holiday for the upcoming weeks a good week. STERKTE!!!! (as we say it in Dutch)

Hopefully I will make some good photies, so keep checking after next week.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blue birds

As many of you might know there are birds in many different and exotic colours. One of the colours that is seen in many birds is blue. I find it a very appropriate colour for birds as of course the sky in which they fly is blue as well.
So here are some photies I made at Avifauna (Alphen aan de Rijn, the Netherlands) of blue birds.



Red billed blue magpie (Urocissa erythrorhyncha) I already posted a photie of this bird earlier, but was a bit confused to what it was called, cause in dutch they apparently use the name Kitta for magpie while we also use the word ekster.

Greater blue eared starling (Lamprotornis chalybaeus)

Edwards pheasant (Lophura edwardsi), this one has red facial skin and blue shiny plumage, its cousin the crested fireback pheasant (Lophura ignita rufa) has bright blue facial skin.

White throated magpie jay (Calocitta formosa)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Animecon 2007

This year I went to Animecon in Almelo, the Netherlands for the first time and IT WAS GREAT!!!!!

This picture is of a statue of a horse in the theater hotel.
Unfortunately no pics of the cosplayers as I actually was a bit amazed by all these people. So next year hopefully it will be better :) and with a bit of luck I will be cosplaying next year as well *G*
And this is Shiawase from Chobits :) isn't she cute