Monday, February 27, 2006

Monarcos DD

Thank you all for the nice comments on the wolf drawing. I hope you all like this one as much.

Monarcos DD

I drew this one out of some photos I took myself, during the wonderfull time I had the honours of being close to this magnificent young stallion. He is a true angel in character and beauty. This drawing doesn't show half of this Arabian horse as well as it should be, none the less it resembles him in a unique way.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wolfie asleep

Wolfie asleep
A quick drawing with hard and soft pencils. I made this less than a year ago. It is a mixture of natural and manga style.


From now on I will be posting some of my art. Just to see what people think of it.

So please post comments on what you like and on what you don't.

I mostly draw and paint animals with all kinds of materials so enjoy.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Politics are freaking me out

Yesterday finally the decision came chickens can be vaccinated (they only mensioned chickens and no other birds :/) every chicken has to be registered and the vet has to come three times total, the costs per chickens will be up to 150 euros. And after you have spend so much money they can't even be sure your chickens won't be killed once the virus really breaks out.
So even though we have ducks, we will not even try to get them vaccinated, for if we do, they will know we have ducks, and that means our ducks will be the first to go when it comes to it. And I can't bare the thought of seeing our ducks being dragged of held by their legs and killed heartlessly.


Monday, February 20, 2006

All birds indoors

As of today all birds (pigeons, chickens, swans, ducks etc) are confined to indoor housing. Since Influenza A (H5N1) has been identified in Germany.
The strange thing is that we have several free roaming semi wild ducks in our village. Community service however has done nothing to even try to catch these birds.
How can this be?
Most probably we will be able to vaccinate our ducks this week, and we will certainly vaccinate the semi wild ducks as well. We have seen them crawl out of their eggs, take their first wobbly steps and seen them grow to the giant ducks they are today. They all have names and have their own personalities. We feed them twice a day, to make sure the neighborhood doesn't complain and darn duckshit really is good fertilizer.
I hope the virus will not reach us, but it is almost inevitable.

Who is keeping her fingers crossed

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Coodles, Mimi and Mopje

Yesterday my dogs were into posing again. They are always into posing when treats are near *g*

Cody AKA "Coodles"

Jessie AKA "Mimi"

Tippy AKA "Mopje"

For some reason I always like pictures of my dogs in this angle.


Brownie update

Well, the brownies were a succes, everyone liked them. But I think I will leave it in the oven 5 more minutes next time, cause to my idea it was still a bit to wet.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Supreme Brownies

Today I bakes brownies. And my it looks delicious. But unfortunately it is a gift to someone else. So I'll have to resist the calls this brownie makes, which is very hard to ignore as it is constantly yelling:

"Eat me, Eat me, Eat me" *g*

Friday, February 17, 2006

My collection of furry friends

Well to those who are interested, at home we have the following animals:

3 Jack Russel Terriers, Tippy, Jessie and Cody
3 Gold fish, Elvis, ELmo and Jessica
3 Gerbils, Dribbel, Drabbel and Dreutel
2 Guinea Pigs, Sushi and Doughnut
5 Rats, Bruna, Dino, Vlek, Dinges and Lief
3 Ducks, Dodo, Coco and Fifi
1 Rabbit, Bunny
1 Horse, Leica (actually she is not owned by me, but I often brush her, feed her and play with her)

And of course I must not forget all the semi wild ducks that visit us twice everyday to collect their breakfast and dinner.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thank you all

Ok I think going "in gognito" was not such a good idea after all. *g*
But thank you all so much,


A fluffy pillow

And NO Chetan from Wolf Park was not skinnend for it, although the pillow is as fluffy as Chetan. It is not white but very red. My brother gave it to me yesterday as a birthday present.
Yesterday was my birthday, but I'm not really into it, so most of the time I go "in cognito" or in more common speech "undercover". My best friend gave me a mug with a pic of Renki on it. Later it seemed she had made a conspiracy with my twin brother and mom, if else she couldn't have obtained the pic.

Finally the new PC arrived yesterday, so I thank my brother for making it happen.
It works great and is very fast, but some programs still need to be installed. One thing that really amazes me though is the fact that this one in so quiet. The old one could be heard in the livingroom which was very annoying.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Doggy breeding season

Well while breeding season is over at Wolf Park (see links). Breeding season here at home just started, my castrated male Jack Russel (JR) Cody of 1 year old was tied to my 8 year old JR female Tippy for the second time this week. They were tied for about 20 minutes this morning and Tippy howled afterwards. Or at least she tried to howl.

It is really stange to see a castrated young male so interested in an older female. There has been a lot of sexual play, but I didn't expect them to tie.

Hopefully it will end soon,


Monday, February 13, 2006

A bit late but.....

The Lion king was wonderfull.
It is truly the most beautifull theater show I've ever seen.
Zazu the bird makes a lot of jokes which makes the story light on one side and the death of Moufasa and the sadness of Simba make depth into it.
The producers have made a beautiful show with gorcious costumes and eye for detail. The cast is joyfull and very talented.

It was a wonderfull evening, one to remember for a long time.


Friday, February 10, 2006

The Lion King and Celtic Tiger

Tonight is going to be very special. My mom gave me tickets for the Lion King, it is supposed to be a beautiful show at the fortis Circus Theater in Scheveningen.
My mom already saw it once, but wanted to see it again before they stop the show in August, she knows I will enjoy it as much as she did.

For several years, my parents and I have gone to many theater shows already. In May we will be going again, but than to see Michael Flatley's new show. I think I have seen al the irisch folkdance shows that have been in Holland, some even twice, but never one with Flatley dancing in it. I can't wait *g*
But more on that in a few months.

Well tommmorow more on the Lion King, I hope it is as good as they say it is.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

A really good book

For the ones who love fantasy books, I can recommend Eragon from Christopher Paolini.
Eragon is the first book of a trilogy, the second one called Elder is in stores as well.

It is really a book to devour and a must for the fantasy lovers.

Monday, February 06, 2006

A boring day

Well not much for today, as today was rather boring.

I hope tomorrow will be more eventfull,
tomorrow is a day of school, my first class in Ethologie. Not that I know nothing about the subject, but it's a nice way be able to discuss animal behaviour on a higher level. And an easy way of getting a high grade without doing a thing *g*

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this very blog I call my own.

Here I will share whatever comes up to mind.


Soggy Wolfie