Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lulu the baby Touda

And this will be my last post for the day, wow I think this is a record :)
So yeah first scroll down for the other two posts, please.

Since the beginning of January a new anime was brought out. It was of the same writer as Seirei no Moribito, which I absolutely loved, and even cosplayed. Kemono no souja Erin (The Beastmaster Erin) however is different in style and drawing, and at first glance it looks like a kids show. Still I am really starting to like this show, it has very cute dragon type lizards (Touda's) in it and the storyline is gentle, but also very intriguing. Already in the first episode a wee baby Touda is introduced, it is so Kawaii :) In the second episode it is named Lulu.
I didn't have the exact colours to make Lulu, but had some nice shades of purple and decided to go for it. Lulu is perhaps a wee bitty to big for a Amigurumi, but she is so adorable and cuddly :) I love her.


Touch Wood Necklace

OK, we go straight on to the next thing, which is creativity with beads :)
The design started out with a Touch Wood bead, made by Angel. The rest of the beads are a mix of chicken bones, wooden beads and stone beads. Ow and two cat beads.
I like the result a lot, Thank you Angel :)

Birthday cake

A double layer sponge, with the top one being chocolate flavoured. In between the sponge lemon curd and on top Dutch whipped cream and mandarin parts. It unfortunately did not rise, but it tasted great non the less.
Ow and soon my posts will be in Japanese cause Chris got me the Berlitz learning programme :)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Some more crochet and Sushi

Ok, I know I already posted yesterday, but I also finished another wee crochet project that I want to show you. I think everyone knows that I went to Wolf Park in the USA some 5 years ago. I absolutely loved it there and there I also met my love Chris. So as I am about to make a laptop sleeve for him, I needed to practice on the art of crocheting colored designs such as logo's. Conveniently I had Yellow and Black laying around and thought the Wolf Park logo would make a nice iPhone sock. So here is the result. It was incredibly difficult as the thickness of the wool only allowed for a chain of 21 stitches, which is equivalent to 21 pixels.

And I also found an older project of mine at making Amigurumi (Japanese crochet). It is a cat cupcake :) just in case you don't recognise it *G* The art of Amigurumi is so cool, for the fact that anything, literally anything can be crocheted and look soooo Kawaii !! I also made two mameshiba, but i forgot to make pictures of them before I gave them away for Christmas.

And here is Sushi again, hihi, she was begging for food :)


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Meet Monsuta chan.....

Hi everyone,

As of late I have been crocheting a lot again. It is one of those things that once you start it becomes addictive, so I think I will need therapy soon *G*

This iPhone beastie turned out rather big, and is inspired by the phone frog that Ranka Lee has in the anime Macross Frontier. I partially filled it with beanies, for nice comfy holding. The iPhone is held in place by overlapping crochet and elastic woven through it.

Ow and another project from a few days ago, a hat made out of crocheted spirals. I got the recipe (pattern) from Woolly Wormhead. These are quick pictures taken with my phone. Hopefully I will be able to make some better pictures soon.

And last but not least two photies of an Iris.