Friday, April 28, 2006

Sushi wouldn't be Sushi if.....

she didn't care about being anesthetized twice in one week :/

How it got to be this way?

Well, she wouldn't be Sushi either if she didn't remove some of the stiched and was planning on removing them ALL. Which is not a good thing, if you know what I mean.
So we brought her back to the vet and they stiched her up yet again. I thought she was not going to make it, but back home she first ate as much lettace as she could and than she bit my mom very hard :/
At the vet practice they said she is a fighter *G* In more than one way for sure.
She has to get antibiotics twice a day and is getting more difficult to handle every second.
But I will not complain, I'm just glad she is so determined about staying alive.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bad news yet again....

Unfortunately all four baby guinea pigs did not survive. Sushi was rushed to the vet Thursday morning. She was unable to deliver the little ones herself so the vet had to help. The little ones proved to be huge except for the little Yumi. Luckily Sushi is doing great now, she eats like never before and already bit me several times *G*

My mom brought all 4 babies back home, they are all perfect little creatures and it is really a pity they didn't get to live.

In order of birth there names are, Yumi, Sumo, Kuki and Suki.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Bont, You will be missed

Friday morning my best friend had to put her most beloved Shetland Pony down. After being sick for a long time and already having a damaged liver, there was no other way then to let the horse and her unborn foal go to the everlasting pastures. Where no doubt many other horses will be waiting for her. Luckily she lives on through her progency, Twinkle Star.

Best to you G

Bont, Know you will be missed.

Soggy Wolfie

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Busy, busy and busy

Well finely I have some time to type a message without stressing. On the 27th of April we are organizing a workshop about bats and sand martins. And the 27th is soon, very soon.....

Sushi still keeps the little ones inside, or the little ones don´t want to come out. Maybe they're waiting for Easter. Easter guinea pigs would be fine by me *G*. I already thought up some names:
Saki/Suki (I don't know yet)
Yumi (which means beauty in Japanese)

Ow and I can't wait to see some pics of the baby Yotes that will arrive at Wolf Park the 16th.

Soggy Wolfie

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A beautiful flower

a blue Anemone (Anemone apennina), thought it looks more purple than blue to me.........

Have a nice day :)

Soggy Wolfie

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Still no baby guinea pigs

Sushi looks to be about to explode, but still she hasn't given birth. I'm not worrying yet, as she is still eating and running :/ around. But she no longer looks like a pear but more like a handgranade *g*

Soggy Wolfie