Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Architectural modern painting

This is a painting I made as a wedding gift for my brother and his wife. It's 45 x 45cm acrylics on canvas and will still need to be stretched.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A day in the life of....

Well, me obviously. I have kind off abandoned this blog, but know that still quite a few people are following me and are most likely interested in a new little project I started today.
Also my friend Julie from Frayed at the Edges has asked for crafty people to make a blogpost about what they get up to on a specific day. This day would be today, the 14th of August 2011.
Now for starters, I usually work on a Sunday as I do work at an animal shelter. So from 8 till 5 I was busy taking care of dogs and other critters ^_^ However the fact that I have a fulltime job does not mean my craftiness has suffered. Today, after dinner and botteling some lovely homemade mead I decided to start crocheting a wee dragon. Inspired by the tv series A game of Thrones, which has 3 terribly cute baby dragons pop-up in the last episode of the season (Sorry for the spoiler......)
I just really had to make one, since it is a way of procrastination, I'm only making him small.
Here is a picture of the head in progress ^_^

He will be rather cute me thinks.......

I'm now drinking a nice class of wine while watching some tv, so no more craftiness for me tonight.

Sleep well everyone,


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simplest crochet flower tutorial

Hi everyone,

although I don't really use my blog anymore since I created my very own webpage (www.judyvanbutton.com) I thought it would still be nice to post a wee tutorial for all of you, and especially the friend who requested this tutorial.
Now I'm not really good at explaining things, I'm more of a visual person (hence all the pictures), so bear with me please. If you have any questions than do please ask them ^_^

 Crochet a chain of 60 (I used double knit acrylic wool with a size 4 hook), crochet on till you've gone about 5 times from side to side. Just pretend you're starting to crochet a scarf ^_^

 Now use a basting stitch and go from one side of the long chain to the other and pull, the crochet will now curl on itself and will basically form the flower for you. and you get this....

Now for some stamen, crochet 3 times a chain of 5. Now use the basting stich again to pull one thread to the other, don't pull to much or the stamen won't be straight.

 Pull the stamen through the middle of the flower, et voila a flower ^_^ Now just to tidy it up at the back.
 Make a chain of 10 and add about 4 rows, here comes the basting stitch again.....

 Pull the thread and sew it closed, so you get a tiny cup/nest.
 Sew this to the flower and hide the ends in it.
 Pull the last thread to the middle and cut off, or just keep it there.
 Now here you go, a very simple tutorial for a pretty wee flower.
 I hope this was useful and that you enjoy making them ^_^

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New website ^_^

Hi everyone,

I'm so happy to see I've got so many followers ^_^ And also thanks for all the nice comments I keep on getting. Since my crochet sells rather well these days and I will have my very own exhibition soon (more on that later) I decided to move on from blogspot to my own website: www.JudyvanButton.com
It's totally dedicated to my crochet and you'll find many pictures of all my projects on it, as well as what I'm working on currently. This blog will therefore not really be used that much anymore.
Please do visit my website ^_^