Monday, May 29, 2006

Am I still alive.......?

Well yes, but for the time being I will not be posting much. The final weeks of my graduation project have started and as can be quessed, I have a huge amount of stuff to do.
But for whom wants a sandmartin cliff or a bathouse in the backyard, I'm surtainly the one to give the info *G*

Till later...............


Monday, May 08, 2006

Cat skull

A few weeks ago I found a very nice looking cat skull next to my horse's water bucket. I boiled it for many hours and this is the result.

Good news on Sushi

Yesterday we gave her the last of the antibiotics. Her belly is now almost fully healed and so there is reason to PARTY. Doughnut is in the same mood, but discovered the hard way Sushi isn't in for mating any time soon (she is neutered any way). Doughnut now has a bloody nose and a damaged ego *G*.