Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In loving memory....

To the worlds sweetest fridge/kitchen/food guarding hybrid ever known


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Monday, January 22, 2007

Bounded for life, doggystyle

Brains no longer work, the only thing than works is the endocrine system. "reproduce" it yells, cause that is what we live for, to give our genes to the next generation. Dogs in that way are very straightforward, bounding is bounding and that means being tied to each other for sometimes up to an hour. It certainly doesn't look pleasant, though I have seen wolves almost melt because they liked it that much. Once a day would be acceptable you would think, but no of course my two dogs had to exaggerate, let's do it three times on one day, starting with breakfast at 6:30 am, do it once more at lunch a few hours later and as dessert just before dinner. Why not, I don't care, Cody is neutered so he can't produce any sperm. It is just a great opportunity for pics, I felt a pit sorry though, because Cody was not standing very comfortable, but he here are the pics. I also added a few I made during the Christmas holidays.



Sunday, January 14, 2007

Macaques, Mandrills and more

Hi everyone,

It has been a while again, last week the term at HAS Den Bosch in the Netherlands started, and it was a complete chaos. As usual things went wrong, which seems to be a habit for both the public transport as well as the HAS (Higher Agricultural School).
None the less I've got a very nice project to work on with 3 fellow classmates on Macaques and Mandrills. Actually you could replace the monkey species with WOLVES *G* as the subject is important for more species. I can't be more specific than I am now, because it is kind of a delicate subject, but it is very interesting and a great opportunity.

But the week was not over yet, last week C. AKA Grumpy Wolfie, dropped by for a visit to the Netherlands *G*
And though the weather was wet, which of course suits me, after all I am called Soggy for a reason, we had lots of fun. We went to Rotterdam, R'dam Zoo, Breda, Antwerp (Belgium) and Amsterdam.

Next to that I have some bad news as well, Leica ("my" horse) has bumped into something with her eye. This caused water to be absorbed by the Cornea (top layer of the eye) and therefore she is on medication to try and make the eye better. But for now her sight is almost gone. She has no pain and is very relaxed during treatment. Today we have decided to stop the treatment as no improvement was visible. She is still the same old Leica and for as long as she is happy and not bothered by it, she may enjoy her old days as she has done for many years already.

I have added a picture GW took of Leica's eye, it is called Corneal edema.