Thursday, February 16, 2006

A fluffy pillow

And NO Chetan from Wolf Park was not skinnend for it, although the pillow is as fluffy as Chetan. It is not white but very red. My brother gave it to me yesterday as a birthday present.
Yesterday was my birthday, but I'm not really into it, so most of the time I go "in cognito" or in more common speech "undercover". My best friend gave me a mug with a pic of Renki on it. Later it seemed she had made a conspiracy with my twin brother and mom, if else she couldn't have obtained the pic.

Finally the new PC arrived yesterday, so I thank my brother for making it happen.
It works great and is very fast, but some programs still need to be installed. One thing that really amazes me though is the fact that this one in so quiet. The old one could be heard in the livingroom which was very annoying.



Chris Button said...

Doh! You could've told me it was your birthday :P

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You could have told me too... Glad it was a good one, and may your new year be bright with health, happiness, and good things.


Linnie said...

and same here!!! I saw you today, and you didn't even tell!!! :O Happy birthday anyway :D:D:D

Anonymous said...