Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New layout

Hi everyone,

Finally I got round to giving this blog a nicer look. It's still simple though, as I like it that way ^_^
Ow and check back in two weeks, for I'm first going on vacation, but when I'm back I'll post my latest crocheted animal, a life like crane chick of which I'm rather proud. Also I've still got a sloth and a muscovy duck to finish.


Tatanka ^_^

For once something else than crochet and sewing projects.
It was about 5 and a half years ago at Wolf Park that I met a few very special dogs and wolves. One of them was Tantanka, a dog/wolf hybrid with an amazing sense of guarding food. He even managed to guard my own plate of food from me O_O which made it very interesting to try and eat. I was very sad when he passed away a few years ago, and drew him back than as well. This drawing was done on an iPad.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Various crafty explosions

Despite being busy at work I still managed to do quite a few small projects.
First of all, two bird amigirumi, a puffin and a bald eagle. They were a custom order from a colleague ^_^ I adore these requests from other people, so here they are:

Also I made a small coin purse, inspired by Japanese fish coin purses.

Than there was a small project involving sushi. I love kawaii things and just simply had to make a sushi iPhone cozy. I even made two toppings for the nigiri, tamago (egg) and ama-ebi (shrimp).

And last but not least. Another plush rat for a DA trade.

I still have some bigger projects awaiting to be finished, so hopefully I'll be able to show them soon.