Friday, February 17, 2006

My collection of furry friends

Well to those who are interested, at home we have the following animals:

3 Jack Russel Terriers, Tippy, Jessie and Cody
3 Gold fish, Elvis, ELmo and Jessica
3 Gerbils, Dribbel, Drabbel and Dreutel
2 Guinea Pigs, Sushi and Doughnut
5 Rats, Bruna, Dino, Vlek, Dinges and Lief
3 Ducks, Dodo, Coco and Fifi
1 Rabbit, Bunny
1 Horse, Leica (actually she is not owned by me, but I often brush her, feed her and play with her)

And of course I must not forget all the semi wild ducks that visit us twice everyday to collect their breakfast and dinner.