Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spidery laptop sleeve

Ok, yet another crafty thing I did. It had been really long since i embroidered something and this wee project gave me the perfect opportunity to try it again. Since Chris bought a dell mini 9 a couple of weeks back I wanted to make a wee bag for it. I still had some slightly velour curtain fabric laying around in a nice bright olive/spring green. And because it is to protect a laptop I thought of putting some spiders on it, preferably venomous ones :) So a Brown Recluse and a Black Widow represent that group. The third one I let Chris choose himself, so that became a Orb Weaver. The flap closes by use of a big button and in between the two layers of fabric I sewed a plastic bag for water tightness. Although I don't think you can still call it watertight, probably more a water sifter after I finished all the embroidery on it :S

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Onegai, meet Burupya :)
This little guy is a character from the manga (and soon to be anime) 07 Ghost.
He is about 30 cm high including the ears. I did not intend on using two colours of wool, but ran out of one, so had to continue with the other.
The ears and wings are held up by thin wire.

^-^ Pya Pya ^-^