Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hello Kitty and sorts

Hi everyone,

Wow it has already been a week since I arrived in Scotland. I already unpacked lots of stuff but am still not finished. Ah well, bit by bit it will come.
Chris had a bit of a welcoming present for me, it was like christmas eve :) and it was all Japanese stuff as well, Sugoi!!! Curisu Arigatou Gozaimasu ^__^

So I made a picture of some of the Japanese stuff, the Hello Kitty sushi set, a Hello Kitty bento box and a pig toy from san-x. Also we had to try out our new sushi stuff and made sushi the next evening, Kimochi ^o^. The result was a dish named Hello Kitty's rowing boat.
Also We went for a Forrest walk (Arachar) and since it was raining I wore my Hello Kitty rain coat. So you see Hello Kitty has the overhand these days ^__^
Also Chris took some lovely pictures of trees etc. But I liked this hover fly the most of all.


Linda said...

Love the raincoat!!
And the sushi too, it looks yummy!

Love, Linda

Math Campbell said...

Sushi gooooood.
Although I've never really been one for nori myself, like the other forms :)

Love the hoverfly pic, he really does manage to capture to beauty, doesn't he. Hate it when he does that :D

Enjoying the summer weather I see, hehe.

somebody said...