Friday, August 15, 2008

Ben Lomond, Freya and my new bike

Hi everyone,

Again I will be posting some pictures I took. First of all we climbed Ben Lomond last week and because it is not a very steep one we took Nanook out as well. Being a sleddog and all Nanook was so kind as to pull me up part of the way *G*
Secondly, a new pup joined the club, her name is Freya and she lives with friends of us. Freya is a cross terrier, lurcher and lots more and is so kawaii (Cute in japanese (^__^). So I decided to make a nice soft bed for her.
And finally I bought a new bike, not one with a motor but one with peddles *G* It is a 19" Giant Boulder with 24 gears. It is nice and sturdy which also means it is fairly heavy but all the weight is nice and low, so it rides like heaven (^__^)

Well that was it for today again,




Artstudio Sri Lanka said...
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Math Campbell said...

Oooh, that is such a lovely view of the glen there. Great photo ^.^

You did get the bike then, hope you're enjoying it.

Thank you again for the bed for Freyja. She likes it much (meaning she licks it constantly and it's covered in things she's chewed to pieces!)
She's also filling out a wee bit.

somebody said...