Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tippy and engraving art

Oi Oi Oi, two posts in one week ^__^ That does not happen often, but I thought I would share some nice art with you this time. 2 weeks ago I bought this small Dremel engraving machine and ever since I have been practicing on a variety of surfaces. So far ceramics is my favorite, because it is nice and soft and you can easily ink it.

Oh and I had some nice pics of Tippy as well, so enjoy -__^




Linda said...

wow, the engraving looks really cool! it looks hard too ;) it's not like you can erase a wrong line.

and almost ready to move to Scotland ^^ I'm sure you'll have much fun there

love, Linda

Math Campbell said...

That's awesome!

We've got one of those in the house..
Never thought of using it on porcelain and inking it though. Brings some good ideas to mind!
Very nicely done as well I might add. Particularly the bamboo one!

Anonymous said...