Monday, February 09, 2009

Some more crochet and Sushi

Ok, I know I already posted yesterday, but I also finished another wee crochet project that I want to show you. I think everyone knows that I went to Wolf Park in the USA some 5 years ago. I absolutely loved it there and there I also met my love Chris. So as I am about to make a laptop sleeve for him, I needed to practice on the art of crocheting colored designs such as logo's. Conveniently I had Yellow and Black laying around and thought the Wolf Park logo would make a nice iPhone sock. So here is the result. It was incredibly difficult as the thickness of the wool only allowed for a chain of 21 stitches, which is equivalent to 21 pixels.

And I also found an older project of mine at making Amigurumi (Japanese crochet). It is a cat cupcake :) just in case you don't recognise it *G* The art of Amigurumi is so cool, for the fact that anything, literally anything can be crocheted and look soooo Kawaii !! I also made two mameshiba, but i forgot to make pictures of them before I gave them away for Christmas.

And here is Sushi again, hihi, she was begging for food :)