Sunday, February 08, 2009

Meet Monsuta chan.....

Hi everyone,

As of late I have been crocheting a lot again. It is one of those things that once you start it becomes addictive, so I think I will need therapy soon *G*

This iPhone beastie turned out rather big, and is inspired by the phone frog that Ranka Lee has in the anime Macross Frontier. I partially filled it with beanies, for nice comfy holding. The iPhone is held in place by overlapping crochet and elastic woven through it.

Ow and another project from a few days ago, a hat made out of crocheted spirals. I got the recipe (pattern) from Woolly Wormhead. These are quick pictures taken with my phone. Hopefully I will be able to make some better pictures soon.

And last but not least two photies of an Iris.