Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This should be Eurocommerce Berlin according to the number it had, but unfortunately Berlin is grey and not bay, so it is a wild guess which horse this is, most probably also an Eurocommerce under Schroder.

The same horse as above, it had a bright red ribbon in its tail, probably for good luck.

This is Broere Phoenix, a dutch bred dressage horse under Kirsten Beckers. This horse did not contest at Chio, but most likely was there for experience and training.


Linda said...

you want to know what the red ribbon is for? it's a warning for other riders. the horse wearing the ribbon is likely to kick to other horses too close behind him ;)
great photo's though! are there more to come?


Math Campbell said...

Off topic I know, but I suppose you've seen this:

somebody said...