Sunday, July 01, 2007

Holiday photies

Hi everyone,

Chris and I survived southern Spain *G* it was between 30 and 40 degrees during the day and about 20 at night. We had only a few drops of rain and that was during the night. A nice breeze made it durable enough to do things during the morning, afternoon and evening. Especially the evenings were beautiful with a nice sunset and a bright moon.
Below some photies of the holiday, so enjoy


A goat of stone guarding the entrance of a house

Spanish snails in matching colours
A huge working ant next to a more normal sized ant

Our rental car, a fiat punto which was a surprisingly good car. Good handling, spacious and fast, but the brakes were a bit weird

a closeup of a palm tree

Chris climbing, I think he climbed about everything he could climb :S

And the house :) where we spend the week, thanks to chris's parents
(More photies will follow shortly)