Friday, May 18, 2007


On many occasions I have posted photies of my 3 JRs, and today I ad another bunch of photies to that list. By now the oldest one Tippy is 10 and is still doing great dispite her Rheumatoid Arthritus. Jessie is the 8 year old and still has some trouble with her allergies, though she luckely grew over her food allergy. Cody is the youngest of the bunch with 3 years and has a clean bill of health, he is also the one that keeps the girls young.

Ow and I am glad everyone likes my new banner and of course thanks to all leaving posts, really I do read them *G*


Tippy upon me calling her name

Mid yawn


Jessie upon seeing my camera "Ow yeah a camera, sit still and look cute" *G*

I've got no words for that face :)

Hihi, Cody pretending he is Rudy, the banana nose

Cody on the real sheep fur, which he gladly marked when it was brand new, I am just glad he does not use it as a rawhide chew!!