Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why always visa, sometimes mastercard and occasionally Meastro?

Today we went on the search for some cash money in Writtle.
It was a search bound to be difficult, since it seems they do not have a good paying system here in England.
First we tried the coop, there is an ATM there, but putting our card in it would just result in the machine spitting out the card as fast as possible. Than we tried it at the counter and could pay with meastro and mastercard but we couldn't get extra cash money. So we went on and tried the post office nearby, they couldn't do it either and send us to the local Barkleys bank. We could redraw money there with our mastercard, luckily, cause finally we had some cash.

But it still doesn't help that the bank says you can pay with your maestro and especially your mastercard all over the world. Hell I could even use my mastercard in America than why not in England which is so much closer?
They don't even ask for your pincode, they just let you sign the receipt.
And was even stranger, they asked my student id at the bank :/ while they didn't ask my friend's.
This is all very strange, and I do recommend people that visit England to always have cash money, or to have a visa.



Chris said...

You should be able to get money from the bank by having them transfer funds from your bank account in Holland for you, at least that's how I managed to get cash in NZ because their machines wouldn't take my card or PIN. You'll probably need your passport as ID, and they'll charge you a small percentage I think :/ If you want you can transfer some money to my account and I'll have it in cash for you when you get here?

Wolfie said...

That is a very good idea, but since I am not staying that long I might just keep on redrawing money via the bank in writtle. I will just get bigger amounts of money, so I don't have to go to often.

But thank you for the offer ;)


Linda van der Wildt said...

I had none of those problems last week, when I was visiting Scotland. I could pay with my Maestro everywhere, even in Ullapool (of all places). My friend needed some cash, and he could withdraw cash without any problems from a machine at the RBS (Royall Bank of Scotland). Very weird alltogether...
What I expireanced as weird was that I made a transaction this Maestro, but the ticket said 'Mastercard'... But it was a right withdrawall after all, so not quite a problem.

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