Sunday, October 08, 2006

Car boot sale at writtle

Hi ya everyone,

Today there was a car boot sale at Writtle college, they do it monthly. It was really a perfect day with nice sunny weather. I bought just one book, while my two friends bought loads of books/magazines and some CD's. It seems that we all have a preference for reading, I was already joking that if we would by more we wouldn't have any time to study *g*
For just 1 pound I found a very good book that looks like new. I pictured it below and I started to read it today as well. It is a welcomed change in the fact that I am also reading a book about animal nutrition.

I've got loads of work from last weeks classes, but it is all fun to do.

See ya,



Anonymous said...

Excellent choice! Those were favorites of mine growing up, though I prefered "Never Cry Wolf" for more realistic information. :) I hope you enjoy it, and find Jack London as wonderful a writer as I do.


Linda van der Wildt said...

books are lovely! you can never have enough of them (even though my friend thinks you can, he's sooo wrong). buy another next month!

Anonymous said...