Friday, September 29, 2006

Snail day

Hi everyone,

Things are going great here. I made some pics yesterday when I went for a short walk, I came across loads of snails, so I guess there was a snail convention somewhere across the road.
Last night there was a disco at the bar here and we had loads of fun, but I did notice British people really can't dance, and they are annoying while drunk as well. But than again these boys are always annoying.

Well enjoy the pics,


A nice view from the road to the animal unit of the college

The first snail I encountered, I like the way the picture turned out

The second snail

And again some flowers


Chris said...

The first snail is a slug :) Sounds like you're settling in over here, but don't judge all the people of britain by the behaviour of the english. I for one can shake my funky stuff masterfully, especially when drunk ;)

Wolfie said...

Thank you Chris, learned something more ;) and please do correct the mistakes I make.
Whaahhaha *g* I'm not gonna comment on the last bit *g*
I'll send you an e-mail tommorow.


somebody said...