Monday, September 18, 2006

It's not long now

Hi everyone,

Upcoming Saturday I will be leaving for England. But no worry I will post my adventures (hopefully writtle won't be boring).
Packing my stuff seems to be a bigger problem than when I went to the USA, but the pile in my bedroom is slowly rising.
Since 2 weeks I'm doing a last minute course in horsebackriding. I love it, but I'm glad I didn't learn it earlier, cause after all these years just taking care for horses has made me very experienced with horses themselves. This is something young kids don't learn when they start to ride horses. Starlight, a 25 year old Arabian horse (I'm so lucky) is teaching me how to ride, see the pic below, he is fleabitten like Leica.
Ow and I finally finished yet another native halter for Leica, a nice blue one including leadrope, I copied it mostly from the original design made by the bedouins. Since I finished it today I will be making pictures of Leica with the halter in one of the upcoming days.

See ya around,