Sunday, August 14, 2011

A day in the life of....

Well, me obviously. I have kind off abandoned this blog, but know that still quite a few people are following me and are most likely interested in a new little project I started today.
Also my friend Julie from Frayed at the Edges has asked for crafty people to make a blogpost about what they get up to on a specific day. This day would be today, the 14th of August 2011.
Now for starters, I usually work on a Sunday as I do work at an animal shelter. So from 8 till 5 I was busy taking care of dogs and other critters ^_^ However the fact that I have a fulltime job does not mean my craftiness has suffered. Today, after dinner and botteling some lovely homemade mead I decided to start crocheting a wee dragon. Inspired by the tv series A game of Thrones, which has 3 terribly cute baby dragons pop-up in the last episode of the season (Sorry for the spoiler......)
I just really had to make one, since it is a way of procrastination, I'm only making him small.
Here is a picture of the head in progress ^_^

He will be rather cute me thinks.......

I'm now drinking a nice class of wine while watching some tv, so no more craftiness for me tonight.

Sleep well everyone,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aw he's so cute ;-)

Cheers for taking part & I hope this gets you blogging again so we can see your new creations and hear the story behind them.

Will let you know when all the blog entries are complied.