Monday, September 06, 2010

Sloth, Crane chick and mouse

Ok, I've been wanting to show this one off for a while. It has been a project for over 2 months, but yesterday I finally finished the life size sloth. I was very worried about the hind legs as they looked very awkward when attached, but than again sloths are weird anyway. Another worry was if the sloth was going to hang on its own, and luckily it did ^_^
So meet Taida the sloth. I crocheted her entirely and used a dog brush to give her the typical sloth scruffy look (PlanetJune has a great tutorial on this technique) . Her legs are jointed with aluminium wire and her nails also have wire in them. She's partially filled with lentils for added weight and for the rest she has polyfill in her. In size she would be a young adult at 19 Inches from nose to "tail".
I'll be making better pictures soon, but isn't she just adorable...

On a whim I did another project in about 2 days. I don't think I'll ever do anything as quick as this crane chick again. I had about a week to make it, but was plainly to excited about it. This chick was a gift to a friend at Rotterdam Zoo. About 6 years ago I did an internship at the zoo and Rob was my supervisor, I really enjoyed my time there and learned so much, so a little thank you was in order ^_^ This chick is about 13 Inches tall and has wire in his legs, he's free standing, but can also sit.

And another little project, also done with the brush technique is this little mouse. It was a gift to a friend ^_^



Rick said...

Your sloth is very creative. Good work. I don't think my artistic trends could ever take me in that direction.

Bee said...

Wow! I can't believe you made these! I want to get my hands on a little mouse. Its adorable!

Hope you're well sweetie


Erins Toy Store said...

OMGosh! Your Sloth is just amazing! Now I'm pretty well speachless! Your get 4 thumbs up (my feet are WAY HIGH)


Anonymous said...

Amazing. You have such talent. What do you do with all of your creations.

cjbrynt said...

I'm so glad you became inspired to make a sloth! Great craftsmanship, it's beautiful! I love sloths like you would not believe. They have been my favorite animal for a decade. Learning about them is a passion/hobby of mine. At some point in my life, I will go to a sloth sanctuary and volunteer, maybe more than once if I can. They are fascinating to me, I could explain why, but that would take forever. I cannot crochet very well though, lol. If you ever feel like making another one, I would totally buy one from you. said...

Such mood-boosting crocheted creatures! I admire your talent very much. I wish I could order some little white mice!)