Sunday, July 18, 2010

Clive the Sea Slug

For a few weeks now I had been thinking of crocheting a Nudibranch AKA Sea Slug. They're very pretty, and National Geographics Photo range gave me the needed inspiration to start. Since I instantly get addicted to a project once I start I finished this project in less than a day O_O
Clive is a Nembrotha kubaryana (variable neon slug, how awesome is that name ^_^) and he's about 13,5 inches long. I partially filled him with lentils so he would sit up.
The rhinophores have pipecleaners in them.
Clive was lots of fun to make and I'm sort of sad he's done, ah well, on to the next project, which will be finishing my poseable life size two toed sloth.

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