Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crochet hook case tutorial

Sometimes you just wish things could be easy. Especially just before Christmas things can be hectic. This year handmade goods are the perfect gifts. Even though one might think this is the cheap option, it often actually isn't. First of all it costs time and don't forget the resources. I love making things, however I usually use things I have laying around. This time I was looking to make a simple crochet hook case that would fit a pair of scissors, my wool needles as well as my many crochet hooks. A quick search on the Internet gave some nice tutorials, but they seemed a bit to complicated. Surely this could be done out of one bit of fabric? Or even better, out of one fabric placemat.
This project is perfect for the beginner in sewing, and could possibly be the best little gift for crocheters and knitters. It only takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

A fabric placemat (19 by 13,5 Inches in my case, other sizes can be used as well, and of course you need more for a knitting needle case) or a fat quarter (^_^)

Ok here we go, I took pictures of both sides of the placemats.
The inside, or under side:

The outside, or top side:

Fold the long side 5.5 Inches up, this will fit most crochet hooks, adjust if necessary and for knitting needles. Divide this width in little pockets, by drawing lines. Also make a pocket for scissors and some needles.

First sew the edges together, and than sew all the pockets. If the lines you drew were not straight than sew them straight (which I did).

Now fold the top half over the pockets, so they cover them completely. Draw a line a few inches from the top edge and sew carefully.

Now a little bit of ribbon is attached to the left side, and you are done.