Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spidery laptop sleeve

Ok, yet another crafty thing I did. It had been really long since i embroidered something and this wee project gave me the perfect opportunity to try it again. Since Chris bought a dell mini 9 a couple of weeks back I wanted to make a wee bag for it. I still had some slightly velour curtain fabric laying around in a nice bright olive/spring green. And because it is to protect a laptop I thought of putting some spiders on it, preferably venomous ones :) So a Brown Recluse and a Black Widow represent that group. The third one I let Chris choose himself, so that became a Orb Weaver. The flap closes by use of a big button and in between the two layers of fabric I sewed a plastic bag for water tightness. Although I don't think you can still call it watertight, probably more a water sifter after I finished all the embroidery on it :S