Friday, October 24, 2008


Yesterday Chris and I found out that Disney is going to screen a new movie in November
To be exact it is named BOLT and will be in the cinema on the 21st. As I saw the small thumbnail I immediately yelled "NOONAH". The main character is a white, shepherd dog aka a American White Shepherd. Amazingly Bolt also resembles our humble Northern Inuit. Not that Northern Inuits are supposed to be white, but none the less Nanook is.
We already saw the trailer and the 2 clips which can be found here and in the Itunes store.
It is very well made, as to be expected from Disney and the story seems good as well, with lots of humor.
And now to the point, I uploaded the official desktop for Bolt and Chris is amazing version for Nanook aka SPOON. I also added a picture of his Spoonness in real life ^__^