Saturday, August 25, 2007

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Hi everyone,

It has been a while, but hey dissertation is almost at end. 17 September is hand in date and I still have to do a lot. By the way, if any one is interested in reading the literature review on "The biology and welfare of toucans" and my paper on "The welfare of toucans in two dutch institutions" than please do let me know. It might still take a while before everything is peered etc. but at least I will know.
And now for something less intellectual. Photies!!! A few weeks ago I went to do a city trip with my dad. This time we went to Utrecht. The thing is that we never intend to do something with architecture, however it does always happen. We climbed the Dom and had a huge walk through the centre and some other bits. I can recommend it to everyone, especially if you are bored with Amsterdam *G* Utrecht is a student city and therefore there are many comic stores and other wee funny shops with strange and cool stuff.

The Church to which the Dom used to be attached. A twister took the middle part of the church *G*
The courtyard garden, I avoided the very ugly modern architecture part

The Dom itself, it is 112 meters high

The view from atop the Dom

Like Amsterdam, Utrecht also has canals. most of these canals have lovely bars and restaurants right at the water, where in this case ducks are taking a nap

And of course the typical canal houses should not be forgotten. Though I don't quite know if that is a wise place for stairs, but perhaps that is also why the fence is there *G*