Sunday, March 04, 2007

SW a quilt and two dogs

Uh, well before I start with the Artis Zoo photies, here are some last photies of Scotland.

The Noo tm

The normally evil but this time not so evil Jess

Et la piece de resistance, me and my boyfriend Chris


Linda van der Wildt said...

you look so cute together! Ronald (my boyfriend) never wants to take a picture *mutters*. you should add the frame around that picture too, like you normally do, I think it'll turn out just great!

Anonymous said...

Look at you two! I never would have guessed it! Congrads, just wanted to say hi!


Kfir said...

Hey There YOU!
Guess who this is???

Holly just sent this link to me...

Just wanted to say Hi, and that you too look great together! I should have known!

All good medicine,

Anonymous said...