Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some more Scotland

For the upcoming week or longer I will be posting a few pictures a day. Blogger always takes a long time to upload pictures and since I've got loads of photies I want to share with you all, I am going to do it in bits.


This is not Scotland yet, but Rotterdam where I saw a nice row of smeaguls on a boat.
A view from Ben Narnain on Loch Long. It took 3 hours to go up and 3 hours to go down and we did not even make it to the summit because I found just a bit to steep. But in the end it is not about making it to the summit it is about enjoying the beauty of the mountain and the surrounding landscape.

Another view from Ben Narnain on Loch Long with a nice solar flair.

My boyfriend Chris on Ben Narnain.