Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas markets in Cologne, Germany

I went with some friends and had a wonderful day, in total we visited 4 out of the 6 markets, they are all in walking distance but a small "train" rides between them as well.
I can recommend these markets to everyone. They are beautiful and fun. There is lots of fantastic food and drinks as well as decorations and gifts one can buy.

To give everyone an impression I made some photies :)


The Dom of Cologne
A window from as seen from the inside of the Dom
The Christmas market in at the square of the Dom

A very artistic king that visits Jesus
The Dom seen trough a tree with one single leaf
A posing Border Collie at the medieval market

Some dead animals at the medieval market, I hope the skunk protested *G*

And this happens when I'm in the train and get bored